Comparing Quartz vs. Granite countertops for durability and maintenance

The choice of countertop material is important for any interior design project. Quartz and granite are two of the most common options. However, they each have their unique characteristics that may influence your decision. This article compares quartz and granite counters, focusing on durability and maintenance. This comprehensive guide will give you the information needed to make an educated decision.

Quartz Countertops

What is Quartz?

Quartz countertops are engineered surfaces made from a mixture of natural quartz crystals with a polymer. Combining these materials has several benefits:

  1. Durability Quartz countertops are known to be durable. They are made up of 90-95% quartz crystals and are resistant to cracks, chips, and scratches.
  2. Low-Maintenance One of the biggest advantages of quartz is that it’s non-porous. It is easy to maintain and clean because it does not absorb liquids.
  3. Variety: Quartz counters come in many colors and patterns. You can choose from various designs, whether you want a modern and sleek look or something more traditional and classic.


Quartz countertops are easy to maintain. Regular cleaning is as simple as using a mild soap and water solution. You can save time and money by not using any special treatments or sealants.

Granite Countertops

What is Granite?

Granite countertops are made of natural stone, quarried and perfectly cut. Each has its unique advantages.

  1. Extreme Durability Granite is one the hardest materials and, therefore, highly wear-resistant. It can withstand the high-impact activities of the kitchen, such as food preparation and chopping.
  2. Heat Resistant Granite is heat resistant. It is safe to place hot pans and pots on the surface of granite without fear.
  3. Elegance: Granite’s natural beauty, unique veining patterns, and intricate veining bring sophistication to any room. This material is durable and stylish.


Granite countertops require more attention. Although stain-resistant, it is advisable to seal the granite periodically to protect it from staining and maintain its beauty. The sealing process is simple and can be performed by professionals or DIYers.

Comparing Durability

Quartz and granite countertops are durable and can last decades with the right care. Quartz is slightly more resistant to cracks and chips because it is engineered. This can be an important factor to consider if you expect heavy usage. Granite is a natural material and has unmatched wear resistance.

Compare Maintenance

Quartz has an advantage in maintenance due to its nonporousness, which makes the material less susceptible to staining. Cleaning with soap and warm water is sufficient. Granite is generally stain-resistant but may need periodic sealing. This usually occurs once a year. It is a small cost to pay for the beauty and durability of natural granite.

The conclusion of the article is:

Your choice between granite and quartz countertops will ultimately depend on your budget, lifestyle, and personal preferences. Quartz is a great choice if you are looking for low maintenance, many design options, and durability. If you prefer the timeless beauty of natural stone but are willing to spend more on maintenance, then granite could be the right choice for your kitchen or bath.


Are quartz countertops more costly than granite countertops?

Quartz countertops are generally more affordable than granite.

Can you cut granite directly?

Cutting directly on granite can dull knives. Use cutting boards to protect surfaces.

Do quartz countertops require sealing?

Quartz countertops do not need to be sealed because they are non-porous.

Quartz or granite, which is more environmentally friendly?

Quartz is more environmentally friendly than other materials because it uses recycled material and consumes less electricity during production.

Can you install granite or quartz countertops yourself?

It is possible to install these countertops yourself, but it is recommended that you hire a professional to do so. This will ensure the perfect fit and reduce any risk of damage.



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